Queen Elizabeth II - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies
Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known the world over to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth the second.  With the recent
passing of her last Pembroke Welsh Corgi Willow, the world watched the ending of Queen Elizabeth II’s love affair with the breed that often shared the headlines with her.  Queen Elizabeth II received her first corgi on her 18th birthday and has surrounded herself with 30 Corgis throughout her life.









Corgi Names

Queen Elizabeth II Pembroke Welsh Corgi Names

The Queen has chosen some traditional names for her royal pets such as Emma, Susan, and Holly, to Monty, Linnet, Willow, Noble, and Heather.

Some of her choices are a bit less traditional though; like Foxy, Sugar, Candy, Bushy, Sherry, Honey, Whisky, Brush, Vulcan, Cider, Berry, Flash, Spick, Span, Tiny & Bisto.



What About Pembroke Welsh Corgi Personalities Makes The Queen So Fond Of Them?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis - Queen Elizabeth

Pembroke Welsh Corgis have personalities much bigger than their small size.  Smart and engaging, Welsh Corgis have a reputation for being small and feisty. Their bark is way worse than their bite though.  However, the biggest reason Pembroke Welsh Corgis bring a smile to the face of the Queen is their ability to get into fun-loving trouble. It’s probably why she had so many around because their antics make light of life.


The Queen Lost The Last Of Her Corgis


Royal Corgis salutes Queen Elizabeth and her tireless efforts to care for her many Corgis. The Queens Corgis were truly the original Royal Corgis!

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