You probably read about the Labrador retriever who adopted nine ducklings, which is a testament to a dog’s natural nurturing ways. Perhaps you read about the dog who waits at the train station for half a day, every day, for his owner to return from work, which is a testament to their patience and loyalty. You might have even seen the picture of a dog who waits outside the non-pet-friendly cafe, which is a testament to their intelligence. A dog’s love is selfless and true, and their reliability on humans is an established evolutionary aspect. The bond between human and canine is powerful and everlasting.

My particular favorite breed of dog is called the corgi.

The Royal Corgis

You should endeavor to adopt a corgi if you want one. Whatever way you get your new canine, you’ll get a partner that will adore you as much as you adore him. To hear some wonderful stories about dogs, have a look at the Most Popular Breed of Dogs Per State.

These fun facts about corgis will make you fall in love with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Their Backsides

The backside of a corgi is fluffy and fat, resembling a loaf. Oddly enough, their butts are easy to squish.

Their Walk

The backside of a corgi swings right and left like they are on the runway, and it’s adorable. Their butts are very thick. Have a look at the article about speaking to your dog like it was a child.

Their Twerk

My love affair with corgis started when I discovered this footage of a corgi twerking to Major Lazer’s song, “Bubble-Butt.” Miley Cyrus would be proud!

The Queen Has Corgis

Even Queen Elizabeth has corgis, 30 of them over her lifetime, in fact. Some say Meghan Markle won over the royal family because the queen’s corgi took an immediate liking to her. Check out this article for more on the queen’s passion for corgis.

They Make You Look Elegant

Everyone all over the world knows about the queen’s love for corgis. Because of that, the breed is synonymous with royalty. Corgis have an elegance about them. For instance, when you say or do something they don’t care for, they’ll give you an indignant look before dismissing you completely.

They’re Goofy

Dignified as they may be, corgis can sometimes be just as silly. You’ll see them tap-dance when a treat is on the horizon, flopping when given a pork rind, and running around with a silly smile and their tongues out. Check out this article on what your dog walker isn’t telling you.

Their Small, Fat Paws

Corgi paws are so soft and chubby that you’ll always want to hold on to them.


The Royal Corgi

The Royal Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Their Appreciation for Everything

Some canines are happier than others, but corgis are happy about everything they see. They resemble small buddhas that are always experiencing the moment they’re in. Sometimes I’ll be down about something, and with one look at my corgi, my perspective is changed – he is ecstatic to be surrounded by fresh grass, reminding me not to take nature for granted. Each day is the greatest day ever for a corgi. Have a look at this article about the mental health of a pet.

They’ll Always Be With You

For the most part, dogs are loyal, but at times, they are known to chase other animals, have a nap on the sofa, or something else that doesn’t include you. Corgis were bred for cattle and sheep herding, and that’s why they’ll always be at your side. They’ll go into whatever room you’re in, and if you close the door on them, they’ll wait outside of it until the door is open again. This can be bothersome when they’re young, as you’ll always feel a nip at your feet. Don’t worry – it won’t be long before you appreciate how nice it is to have one hugging your ankles all the time. Whenever they look at you, it’s with a sense of appreciation.

They Love to Hug

Each dog is unique, and their personalities usually correspond with their owner’s. My corgi puppy is very affectionate, andin turn, so am I. Corgis also love to hug. When I awaken each day, my corgi curls beside me, kickstarting my day beautifully.

Cute Black and White Corgi Puppy

Their Herding Abilities

There is plenty of footage online of corgis in their natural habitat, and they are worth watching. You don’t need a flock of sheep to capitalize on their herding abilities, which includes an amazing sense of direction. Your corgi always knows the way home.

They Have Great Fashion Sense

You can dress your corgi up in outfits and costumes. Ridiculous as they may look, the cuteness level is over the top.

They’re Wonderful With Children

While the corgi wants to play with all members of the family, kids are particularly susceptible to playtime, as are dogs, so pairing them up is bliss for everyone involved.

They Can Be Trained Easily

Corgis are intelligent, obedient, and are eager to please, which is great during the training process. It took 15 minutes to teach my dog how to “shake,” and 10 minutes to learn how to “sit.” He enjoyed each second of the learning process.

They Generally Get Along With Other Pets

While my corgi doesn’t particularly care for cats, some sites suggest that the breed typically gets along with cats. Other research suggests that corgis love all of God’s creatures, including hamsters.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Beach in Ontario Canada

They Might Not Have a Tail

There are a couple of different corgis to pick from. The more popular of the two is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Some come with very short tails, while others have tails removed as puppies as part of a tradition (a practice that is illegal in some countries). Alternatively, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi have long, lush tails that make them resemble foxes. This breed of a corgi is more reserved than its counterpart. A joke among owners of corgis is that, during a get-together, Cardigans would be the greeters, while the life of the party would be the Pembroke Welsh corgis.

They Have Large Ears

A corgi’s ears are similar to a small antenna that can pick up signals from afar. Their ears are as big as their heads, making them adorable to look at.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our tongue & cheek take on the wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed. Considering a Corgi puppy? Call us today and let us help you see if a cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is right for you and your family.