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Originally used as cattle herders and guardians of the home, the Corgi’s history is filled with folklore. This breed garnered popularity and notoriety due to long time corgi lover Queen Elizabeth II.

The Corgi is low-set, sturdily built, strong, and dependable. They are a breed of substance and endurance. Corgi’s exhibit an expression of interest, intelligence, and animation.

The Corgi breed is loyal, devoted, sharp, and playful. They love their family and do not do well if ignored or left alone for long periods of time. If they become bored or lonely they will become destructive.  They do best in a home with older children. They do well with dogs and other pets they have been raised with.

Brushing everyday with a firm bristle brush is what we suggest. Bathing should only be done when required. It is important to not overfeed.

Corgis have a double coat. The outer coat is longer, more coarse, and straight, with longer and thicker fur around the neck, chest, and shoulders. The weather-resistant under coat is thick, short, and of medium length.

Corgis are best suited for apartment or city living provided they are adequately exercised and mentally stimulated. They enjoy  leashed walks and family playtime. They excel in agility, obedience, conformation, and as therapy dogs.

Males can be 25lbs to 30lbs and females can be 24lbs to 28lbs.

Corgis can be 10-12 inches tall.

Sable, fawn, red, black and tan with or without white markings.

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