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Corgis are known for their quick intelligence and forceful will. They are active, fun loving dogs and do not ever want to be left out of the action. In their own minds, they are big dogs in small bodies.

As with all breeds, early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended. Exposing the puppy to a wide variety of people, places, and situations between the ages of 7 weeks and 4 months will help them develop into a well-adjusted, well-mannered adult. Corgis often have a mind of their own, but they are energetic, willing, and highly intelligent partners who respond well to training. Positive, reward-based training works best with this breed.

The Corgi has a thick, weatherproof double coat—a soft, light undercoat covered by a coarse outer coat. Corgis sheds a fair amount on a daily basis, and even more so in the late spring/early summer. A daily once-over with a comb and a slicker brush will remove a lot of the shed hair before it is all over the house. During shedding season, baths help to loosen the dead hairs—the dog must be completely dry before brushing begins—and a rake helps strip out the undercoat. As with all breeds, the Corgi’s nails should be trimmed regularly, and ears checked to be sure they are clean and healthy.

A strong, athletic little dog developed to herd cattle and other livestock, the Corgi loves physical activity and is happiest when he has a job to do. Corgis benefit from moderate daily exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. They can do well on long walks or slow jogs, but their short legs won’t allow them to keep up with a bicycle rider. Avoid extreme heat or cold, and always provide plenty of cool, fresh water after exercise.

The Corgi is typically a healthy breed. As with all breeds, a Corgis ears should be checked weekly for signs of infection, and the teeth should be brushed regularly.

Male: 26-28 lbs.
Female: 24-26 lbs

Male: 12 in.
Female: 10 in.

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